Case Study: Not for profit promotion - Road Safety

  • Apr 21, 2021

Not for profit promotion - Road Safety


The Idea

The client wanted to increase road safety awareness on the Chatham Islands for both children and adults using promotional products that were both practical and appealing to the end user. With a small population of around 600 - 700 residents and with 60% of them being employed in the fishing or agriculture industry, Seeit needed to ensure the items and branding were relevant to this demographic. 

Seeit initially created the WISE WEKA character that had good appeal and all ages could relate to the WEKA.


The Purpose

Children's Road Safety

  • Directed at pre-school, early primary school aged kids.
  • Product and branding needs to be generic for both age groups and sexes.
  • The brand needs to encourage the children to be Aware when near roads.

Seatbelt and Child Restraints

  • Directed at kindy - school aged children
  • Product and branding needs to be generic for boys and girls.
  • The branding needs to create importance around using seatbelts

Bike Helmet Safety

  • Directed at school aged children.
  • Product and branding needs to be generic for boys and girls
  • The brand needs to encourage children to wear helmets when out on bikes.

Drink Driving

  • Directed at all licensed drivers.
  • Product and branding needs to be something suited to vehicle owners/drivers.
  • The item will be handed out at police check points to raise awareness and the dangers of drink driving.

General Road Safety

  • Directed at all licensed drivers
  • Product and branding needs to be something suited to vehicle owners/drivers.
  • Encompassing driving conditions, awareness, tired drivers.

The client had a very limited budget to create the character and brands for the promotion, so we had to find a low-cost way to come up with something unique for them.


The Products

Seeit created the WEKA character that was added to posters and the promotional products.

  • Tyre Tread measuring gauge keyring
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Colouring pencil set
  • ECO drink bottle
  • Dynamo hand pump Torch
  • Fridge Magnets


The Results

With the Chatham Island being such a small community, word of mouth is our client's main indicators of a successful campaign. The Wise Weka bottles have not only been a hit with the kids, but with adults too. The client has received positive response and requests for the bottles from other members of the community and visitors to the island. The torch and keyring have also been well received in the community, with word getting out that torches were given out on a recent Police check point. Children are now more aware of the dangers of not wearing bike helmets and understand the importance of seatbelts. Our client has heard children reminding their parents to wear seatbelts too when travelling in vehicles.

The campaign delivered on a range of products that were relevant to this demographic and practical.

The design and creativity across the range of products made the marketing strategy relevant, practical and informative for a range of demographics. This campaign raised awareness, and created significant results for children, community to help promote safety and awareness in their community.

A clever use of slogans and images that reinforces the appropriate behaviour that the campaign was wanting to achieve.


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