Case Study: B4 Programme Child Heath Assessments

  • Apr 25, 2021

B4 Programme Pre School Health assessments

The Idea

The B4 School Check Programme aims to identify and address any health, behavioural, social, or developmental concerns which could affect a child's ability to get the most benefit from school, such as a hearing problem or communication difficulty.

When a child turns 4 years of age the parents or caregivers are encouraged to make an appointment at their local medical centre, with the B4 Nurse who carries out the check. If the nurse has any concerns after the evaluation a referral is made with the appropriate specialist. This ensures the child has the best start when entering the school system.

Seeit was approached by the Waikato DHB over 10 years ago and asked to come up with branded merchandise that would create awareness of the programme in the community and assist the B4 Nurses access the child.


The two characters the DHB wanted to use were, Kiri and Milton that represent 4 year old kids in the Waikato getting healthy and as ready as possible for school.

Milton's name is from Ham MILTON and Kiri is from the Maori name Kirikiriroa, the Maori name for Hamilton.

They are the Waikato B4 mascots and are on most of the resources.



The Purpose

 Create Community awareness of the programme

  • Supply products that appeal to a 4 year old boy's and girl's.
  • When other people saw the products they would be inquisitive and ask questions as to where they had come from.

Help the Nurses carry out their assessments

  • The products needed to be used by the B4 Nurse to help them assess the children's 4 year old milestones 


The Products

  • Retro Treasure Tins

Used by children as lunch boxes and treasure tins to store toys. The tins are a cost effective product with high perceived value. A strong brand awareness depicting the two characters Kiri and Milton. They also appear on the other main products packed in the tins.

  • Playing Cards

The deck of playing cards are custom printed, both sides of the cards creating a memory game. The cards are used to assess whether a child knows their numbers and the concept of counting. 4 year olds should be able to play some card games so it can be used to assess cognition.

  • Colouring Pencils

Used to assess whether a child knows their colours and how to count. In conjunction with the Very Important Book, a nurse can ask a child to use a certain colour and draw a picture of something. A 4 year old should be able to hold a pencil using the pincer grip. They are helpful tools to assess a child's milestones.

  • Bouncy Ball

A 4 year old should get the concept of throwing and catching a ball. A nurse can use the ball to assess whether the child can use the ball. A nurse assesses fine and gross motor skills during the B4 School check.

  • Toothbrush, Toothbrush timer and Colgate Toothpaste

The Waikato has very high statistics for the amount of dental caries our pre-schoolers have. The two dental resources in the treasure tins are used as education tools to ensure the message gets through that, everyone should brush their teeth at least twice a day for at least 2 minutes.

Right from a baby's first tooth they should be using full strength fluoride toothpaste.

Do not rinse with water after brushing teeth.

Water is best to drink.

Toothpaste should be treated a a medicine as it is toxic for children if a certain volume is ingested. 4 year olds should be supervised brushing their teeth up until approx. the age of 8 years old.

  • Safety message for parents and caregivers

An explanation is given as to why the adult strength toothpaste needs to be used. The safety message is provided and contact details of the B4SC coordinator so the caregiver can contact someone if they have any queries that the nurse has not been able to answer during the assessment. There is a survey monkey link for feedback from the caregiver.

  • Very Important Book

A lot of thought and evidence based theory was used to make up the booklet. It contains numerous pages of important detail used in the assessment.

  • Very Important Questionnaire

The Questionnaire is another important document used by the Nurse to record results of the assessment.




The Results

The Nurses have reported that the B4 products are very helpful in carrying out their checks with the Children. It makes their job so much easier.

The children are excited in receiving the Retro tins and contents, which they take home.

A lot of parents and caregivers are aware of the B4 programme, prior to their child having the check as they have said friends or family have been in for an assessment and had received a retro tin.

Most families that have younger children immediately recognise the B4 products that are branded with Kiri and Milton.


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